A Pacific Screech Owl encounter

A moderately stunned Owl.

I tend not to post or talk about lifers but thought folks would like this one since it comes with both a story and a picture.

This lifer is a Pacific Screech Owl. It’s aparticularly memorable lifer for all of us who witnessed the following event. 

Just last week we were having dinner in a lodge in Caño Negro, Costa Rica. There was only one other couple in the restaurant and they, it turns out were newlyweds.

The owl in question surprised us all by flying into the room and proceeded to beat itself up by flying frantically back and forth and smacking hard into the windows as it did so. 

The young man acted fast and managed to gently wrap it with a table cloth against a window. His wife very deftly grasped it from behind and then held it by its tarsus. 

When she determined it was not injured we took it outside and perched it in a bush where it flew to another branch.

Success me thinks thanks to their quick action.

It turns out the young women is a part of an organization that deals with raptor recovery in Cape May NJ. 

How lucky is that little owl and how lucky we were to witness both the owl close up and the young woman’s deft handling of the situation.

Oh and since I’m on about lifers anyway and before I forget other lifers last week were; 

Keel-billed Motmot

Green Hermit

Snowy Cotinga

Striped Cuckoo

Barred Hawk

Ruddy Treerunner

Black-collared Hawk.