What this is

If you don’t know what the NeotropicBirdProject is or what its about then here’s a quick primer.
It comprises a group of four people who are working on a set of bird field guides for the region of Central America, Costa Rica, Panama and the like. “101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica” is the first in the series and will be released in the spring of 2019. “The Endemics of Costa Rica and Western Panama” will be released next year. Other books are in the planning stages, hint; Hummingbirds and central America.

Here’s why this is taking so long.

The crazy level of detail and natural history in the paintings. The amount of  information in the text and its research. The detailed maps and the time spent in the field researching the distribution for those maps.  As well, the time spent in the field gathering calls and songs for each species is no small thing.
These elements are the primary reason things take so long especially if you factor in the many hours of editing, housekeeping and keeping everything straight. There’s no way around the fact that it takes an insane amount of time.
In a field where brilliance, diligence and hard work abounds it is perhaps a bit presumptuous of us to strive for even better than the offerings out there but where’s the fun in not?  So be it, we will carry on with our wacky ideas.
Its that very core idea that continues to drive both us and this bus.
Follow our journey.
Pérez Zeledón Feb. 2019

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