Common Costa Rica Birds

At last here’s the latest edition of the print and ebook version of the 101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica. By and large a lots of changes from the original edition starting with the cover. It was designed to reflect those changes from the first edition. I was happy to include a Scarlet-rumped Tanager pair in the cover design, they’re gregarious, striking and always welcome at our feeders.
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The birds of Costa Rica species splits have been reflected in the new edition. There’ll be more coming down the pike, happily, that just means we get to polish up a third edition some day.
I took the opportunity to restart many of the paintings from a blank sheet. As a result I’m now confident that the diagnostic detail work is accurate. I paid attention to general silhouette shapes and poses that the various species indulge in regularly. There was also serious effort to make certain the paintings matched Noel’s descriptions in the text. The descriptions and text was also gone over to deal with any inconsistencies. The anatomy drawings were cleaned up and maps were updated to reflect current distribution patterns.

Both the print and ebook versions of the common birds of Costa Rica took a lot of revising. The ebook had to be reformatted from scratch since the ebook building tools we used last time were no longer available particularly for the Apple.
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