101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica eBook


Just go to our website here http://neotropicbirdproject.com and scroll down to the Apple and Kindle store links. They should take you to the book page where you can buy it.

Well, the 101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica. is up on the Kindle and Apple Books Stores.

In spite of dealing with companies such as Apple and Amazon we still managed to pull it off.

If you are going to buy the book and have a choice we urge you to go the Apple Books route for a few reasons listed below.

The fact that Apple only takes 30% and doesn’t charge on a per meg download basis is great and helps us and the project. Score one for Apple. Kindle takes 70% of the retail price which doesn’t help us or the project.

Also, Apple Books versions are more amenable to interactive content so theres that.

Another pitch in favour of Apple is that Kindle has not yet enabled interactive content for Kindle on IOS. I suspect it will happen but since Kindle isn’t saying when exactly all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. All is fine however for interactive content if you have a Kindle Fire or Android device. 

There you have it on the good news front. Tell us your thoughts, criticisms and ideas of our new baby the 101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica, love to hear them.


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